COVID-19 Poetry Publication

My poem, “Backpacks,” is now featured in the anthology, Poems from the Lockdown.

I am so humbled and honored that my work is surrounded by 146 poems from 115 poets from 10 countries.

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Description: 146 poems from 115 poets from 10 countries. Poetry is the very soul of humanity, part of our core of expression, a mode of communication, socialize, civilization; it a way to show our love and empathy for our fellow human beings The key phrases of the NOW are “social distancing” and “self-isolating” BUT THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN “social disintegration” and “solitary confinement”. This NOW is a world of social media, of virtual interaction, of ideas shared through social and professional networking. We can be together, we are in this together, this is one world. The poets of “Poems from The Lockdown” are: Aaluk Edwardson Abby DeSantis Alyssa Kreikemeier Amelia Bostic Amy Walker Andreas Fleps Anna Delamerced Anne Carly Abad Annmarie McQueen Anthony Mirarcki Barbara Reynolds Barbara Schwegman Bartholomew Bolander Benjamin Champagne Bethany Johnson Blakelee Harmon Brandon SC Brewer Brian M Falconer Bridget Noel Camille Hill Cary Barney Carol Flake Chapman Catherine (Lee) Felty Catherine Bull Christa Lubatkin Cigeng Zhang Cindy Lynn Brown Claire Taylor Conrad Spenser Clark Danielle Solo David Cleveland Diane Burrow Dori LaRue Emma Gibson Eric Machan Howd Felucia Zuniga Gemma Webster Geraldine Moorkens Byrne Hannah K Walizer Cook Heather Sanderson Heikki Huotari Helen Sheppard Henry Bladon Hugh Findlay Isabel Hinchliff Jacky T Jane Ellen Glasser Jennifer Finstrom John Pietaro Johnnie Clemens May Judit Katalin Hollos Julia Gordon-Bramer Justin Moir Kat Milberger Kayla Matheson Kim June Johnson Kohl Neal Kristen Corbisiero Kristin Kowalski Ferragut Kristina Moriconi Kurt Cole Eldsvig Laurie Rosen Laura Saint Martin Loretta Tobin M Zaman Maili Woods Majorie Moorhead Mari-Carmen Marin Mary K O’Melveny Maxine Nodel Megha Sood Michael Belmore Michael Hatchett Micki Blenkush Mike Dunne Mitzi Dorton MK Punky Monica Raymond Mysti Frost Nan Williamson Nancy Santos Natasha N. Deonarain Neetu Malik Nicole Hospital-Medina Nicole Williams Nida Sahar Pam Fox Paola Caronni Parul Bhargava Patricia Williams Peter Bruno Peter Pritzel Richard Glen Smith Rob Hardy Robert Eugene Rubino Roisin Boyle Samantha Smith Samantha Stone Sara Cupp Smith Shane Leavy Susan Manchin Susan Sanders Susana H Case Susana Molinolo and Pamela Yuen-Elkerbout Syble Heffernan Tanya Fraser Tonia Kalouria Trevor Maynard Vox Pop Max Pax Wen Wen Lin Wendy Grossman Linda Stryker Susan Fleming Sophie Scolnik-Brower.


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