Juke Joint publications

So honored and proud to be a part of this Juke Joint Magazine collection with my poems, “The Bridge” and “A True Account of Talking to a Recently Chopped Up Royal Poinciana (After Frank O’Hara’s ‘A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island’).” Juke Joint inspires my most authentic voice.

A little bit more about Juke Joint:

“The juke joint has always been a place beyond the margin, somewhere along the line. Barrelhouses of the South, juke joints served as a place for slaves & sharecroppers to socialize & celebrate counterculture in a society marred by Jim Crow & institutionalized hate. Today, there is hardly a handful left, most of them in the Mississippi Delta.

We uphold this spirit of defiance, searching especially for underserved, unconventional, Southern (& non-Southern) voices in poetry & art.”


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